About Rakuten Drive Transfer
Send files easily
You can send anything quickly and easily by connecting Rakuten Drive with your favorite email or messenger such as Slack or Chatwork.
Transfer even high-definition video files quickly
Rakuten Drive provides powerful convenience for editing videos or sharing works by allowing large-capacity and high-speed file transfers that are not provided by existing cloud services.
Save to Cloud
Any files you sent and shared are stored in the Cloud and you can manage these files by re-sending them or change the settings of those files.
Unlimited fast-speed, large file transfer
Transfer up to 50GB and multiple files at once within the 50GB limit. The number of transfer is unlimited, making it possible to send files as many times as you want.
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Simple UI
Simple UI
Complicated steps are totally unnecessary in Rakuten Drive
How many windows do you have open in order to send a file? With Rakuten Drive, you can send any files without leaving the transfer window.
Manage the shared file in the Rakuten Drive
Any files you send and share can be stored in the Cloud
Don’t waste your time uploading a file when sending it repeatedly! Just upload it once on Rakuten Drive Cloud to resend it whenever it is needed.
Manage the shared file in the Rakuten Drive
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